Below Sea Level sourced the foundation of their Speckle Park stud in 2014.

John and Jan, the owners of Below Sea Level have been farming on their current property for 28 years. They have a 600 friesian dairy cow herd on the Ruawai Flats. Their goal was to find a beef breed to use over their dairy herd. Currently they are working with their Speckle Park cattle and intend on having a hands on approach to the genetics going forward. 

What is a speckle park?

Speckle Park are a pure British breed. The breed is a combination of Red Roan Shorthorn, Angus and White Park. They are highly fertile with moderate birth weights. Speckle Park cattle have a docile nature and the calves are robust and grow quickly. The high marbling meat with a perfect fat covering is being sought by restaurants and chefs worldwide for its taste, tenderness and softness. Speckle Parks have superior and high yielding carcase qualities. They are a distinct pure breed and were recognised as such by the Canadian Government on 6 July 2006. 

Speckle Park Colour Patterns:

  • They are predominantly black with white top line and underline,with speckled hips and sometimes shoulders and with a black or black roan face.

  • The second color pattern is the leopard pattern. It is similar to the speckled pattern but there are definite black spots on the animal instead of just speckles. The white animals with some black hair on the body are considered 'leopards'.

  • The third color pattern is the 'white' pattern. The white animals have white hair on the body and face but have black points. i.e. eyes, ears, nose, and hooves.

  • The fourth is solid black. There is a small percentage of blacks but they do crop up from time to time. The solid black heifers are registrable and can be used in the purebred herd, but the bulls cannot.